5 Things You Should Know Before Trying an Elimination Diet

Suspect you might have a sensitivity to gluten or dairy, but aren't sure which is the culprit? You might be considering trying an elimination diet. This short-term eating plan has gained popularity recently as a way to identify potential food issues, including allergies, intolerances, and triggers of irksome symptoms—from bloating, joint pain, and fatigue to […]

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What Is Monk Fruit Sweetener and Is It a Healthy Option?

You’re probably super familiar with Stevia, the popular sugar substitute derived from the Stevia plant. but what about monk fruit extract, another calorie-free sweetener that’s become trendy among health-conscious eaters over the last few years? According to the FDA, monk fruit extract can taste up to 250 times sweeter than standard table sugar—thanks to chemical compounds called mogrosides, which give […]

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City to host inaugural edition of int'l bodybuilding contest – The Tribune

Muscle body building

City to host inaugural edition of int'l bodybuilding contestThe TribuneMP Ravneet Singh Bittu and MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu release the poster of Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers Bodybuilding Competition on Saturday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma. Our Sports Correspondent. Ludhiana, December 23. The inaugural edition of the … Read more: www.tribuneindia.com

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